Börekçi’s Construction business unit was established in 1976 by Rıfat and Ahmet Börekçi brothers as a sole proprietorship. After the second generation joined the firm in 1997, Börekçi became active in other business units beyond real estate and construction so enriched its corporate identity by becoming a Limited Company. In year 2004 Börekçi Ltd. Co. was transformed in to Incorporation. Börekçi primarily specializes in residential and commercial (office, retail, restaurants and hotel) construction on self-owned land at premium locations in Ankara and Istanbul. Up until now, Börekçi Inc. has completed over 100 000 m2 of construction. All of the completed projects to date in Turkey were financed by equity. Today, Börekçi is expanding its capabilities to development/program management services in its US operations to build retail shopping centers in Chicago.