Börekçi Group formed the Trade business unit after gathering distributorships and a representation of global companies who specialize and lead the market in their specific fields. In 1999, Börekçi Group acquired the representation of Hua Jung Components Co., Ltd. for Turkish and European market. HJC is a Taiwan-based passive-component manufacturer which was founded in 1983, and is the largest maker of film capacitors in Taiwan. HJC also produces other passive components which are used in monitors, televisions, power supplies, electronic ballasts, telecom equipment, network Products and computers.

Again a leader in its market, Dialight; member of Roxboro Group of companies, is represented by Börekçi in Turkey and Greece. Dialight produces a variety of LED based signal lighting (Traffic, Rail, Airfield and Obstruction), opto-electronics and lighting elements.

Börekçi Group is also in the process to provide iron and steel products to multi-national firms in Europe through its relationship with Erdemir, one of the top steel manufacturer wold-wide. In addition, Börekçi Group is examining representation opportunities with market leaders around the world in the steel equipment industry with regards to renewal and production for local manufacturing in Turkey.