Börekçi Group has a full-service real estate business unit. Currently, Börekçi owns and manages over 85,000 m2 (915,000 square feet) of real estate globally. Our portfolio includes residential, office, retail, restaurant and hotel properties in Turkey and the US. Börekçi 's portfolio was developed using over 80 years of experience and knowledge of the real estate market. The business unit enjoys preeminent standing among Ankara 's top-tier real estate firms because of its brand recognition. Since the formation of Republic of Turkey, the Börekçi name is associated with honesty, trust and mutual respect. As a result Börekçi celebrates its success with 50-year old tenants.

Some of our tenants in Turkey over the years are:
  • Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs Administrative building
  • Turkish Ministry of Tourism Administrative building
  • American Embassy Merhaba Palace Residence for Military personal
  • Royal Norwegian Embassy
  • Mexican Embassy
  • Ereğli Iron and Steel Works Administrative building
  • Sevgi Holding Administrative building
  • Volvo
  • Körfez Bank Ankara branch
  • Gama A.Ş.
  • Textile Bank Ankara branch